• Read and apply your photographer’s preparation guide! As a newborn photographer, I want your session to be a success, too! That is why we give out preparation guides so that we can all have the best outcome! So, if your prep guide says to feed the baby on arrival, it is because us photogs have been through experiences that have lead us to believe this will have the best photography outcome!

  • Communication is KEY. If you are unable to follow the prep guide, keep your scheduled time, or have an emergency come up- it is imperative that you let us know. As business owners, we may have certain clauses in our contract that protect our hard work, BUT we are human, too! We understand things happen, and we want you to have a low-stress experience. Communication is so helpful.

  • Bring extra milk, whatever form your baby takes. If “bring extra milk” means you bring yourself, great. If it means bringing breastmilk or formula in a bottle, great. Hungry babies are not content babies, and sometimes our babies surprise us with a sudden boost in appetite!
  • I recommend a pacifier. It help. Really. BUT if you are against them, please let us know in advance!

  • If you are traveling from afar, I highly recommend arriving extra early to the area. Babies who traveled will have likely slept plenty in the car. Sometimes they are wide awake, or even cranky. If you are traveling several hours to your photographer’s studio, it is helpful to have baby be able to “play” for awhile, eat, and then start letting them settle for the session.

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