1. To Honor Your Family

Whenever you go to a person’s home, one of the first things we look at as we mosey down the hall is the photographs hanging. Our eyes catch the photographs on the refrigerator and we scan the little faces. We can see who is important to this person as we take in their home. When our children see themselves on our walls, it shows them that we cherish them and the family we created! When we have guests, it also shows our family that we WANT THEM TO BE SEEN! We are PROUD!

2. To Get Excited About Something

Listen, I get it. Day in, day out. Work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children. It is difficult to not get caught up in everyday monotony. Break it up with a photoshoot. While a photo session isn’t a vacation, it is an event out of the ordinary to get look forward to. It is a excellent reason to have your hair and nails done. When you book with me, Mom also gets hair and make up the day of the photoshoot which is a sure way to boost your mood! Plus, by the end of our time together, you are left with beautiful memories of your family!

3. To Capture Those Faces How They Are RIGHT NOW

Children change everyday! Scratch that…every second! Photography is so special when it comes to capturing children because those faces will look different with each passing moment. At Olivia Acton Photography, capturing those little details that make your child uniquely them really makes parents fall in love with their photographs! The little freckles, the way their hair blows in the breeze, the glimmering eyes as they smile…it all changes so fast. I’ve learned that the hard way as a Mom of four kiddos!

4. To Watch Them Grow

Since each images captures your child as they are in that moment, you can compare and document their growth through photography. I highly encourage yearly family photos, but at least every few years it is so important to get those faces documented! Photographs are all we really have as time moves forward. Have you ever sat down to look through an old family photobook? You can see how mom looked when she first had Timmy, you can see the way she hugged him with her giant 80’s glasses on. As time moves forward, photos only appreciate in value to that family. Photographs are the best way to document your family and children’s lives!

5. To Use To Decorate Your Home With Who You Love Most

We are constantly looking for home décor, scanning the Target isles for the perfect piece. What better art to have around your home that who you love the most?! Home décor turns a house into a home. At Olivia Acton Photography, we offer a variety of wall art, table art, and heirlooms hospitalharrywilliams.org so we can cater to individual taste. What a great combination to be able to have both art that matches your style, yet represents your family at the same time!

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