1. The relaxation

While having your hair and makeup done for your photoshoot may not be as relaxing as a massage, it is still quite relaxing to let the pros do their work! Going to the HMU appointment a few hours before your session gets you’re mindset wrapped around your upcoming session. Even if you’ve had a stressful or tiresome day, the appointment allows a mind-shift to occur. It is not every day that we get to be pampered, and as a Maternity photographer, I think you deserve it!

2. The Confidence

If you FEEL GOOD, you LOOK GOOD! Confidence makes all the difference and shines through in your photographs. An experienced HMU artist will also be skilled in applying make up that looks good for the camera. Additionally, HMU adds to the overall experience of loving your photographs! It is less likely that you will absolutely love your photographs if you remember not feeling confident during the session. A little awkwardness is totally expected and I am here to guide you through that, but you certainly want to feel your best so that can shine through!

3. The Stress Relief

Pregnancy is hard. Motherhood is hard. Olivia Acton Photography wants your maternity photo session to be as low stress as possible. A lovely HMU experience is both relaxing and stress-relieving. Your HMU is scheduled before your photo session by Olivia Acton Photography so you don’t have to search and call around, trying to find a professional to get you in! It is already taken care of and allows you to focus on other things like which gown you want to try on first!

In conclusion, your maternity photoshoot is supposed to celebrate the journey of pregnancy into motherhood, and capturing it in a way that makes you feel like the glowing queen you are! For maternity and full newborn sessions, Mom gets hair and makeup as a complimentary service when booking with Olivia Acton Photography.

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