Being a new momma is one of the most challenging, most rewarding times in someone’s life. It is full of ups and downs. We hear this from other moms so we want to be prepared!

As pregnancy goes on, as does the journey of collecting all the items we might need for the baby.

The nursery is in progress. Of course, baby needs a crib and diapers. We know we will need somewhere to change baby. We are constantly being fed all the things we might need as a new mom, but what are we forgetting?

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White noise machine

In my opinion, these are a total necessity. White noise helps calm baby which helps calm Momma. We rely on this beauty for all naps and every bedtime. It is especially helpful when you have a loud household with other children, barking dogs, or a less than quiet significant other!

Nursing tank

If you are planning on breastfeeding, for real your boobs will be out nonstop in the beginning. A good nursing tank is a lifesaver. Just pop the strap and feed away. Trust me, I’ve had too many bad experiences with trying to lift up my shirt and maneuver a bra around to feed one of my babies. It never works well. Nursing bras are nice too, but still requires some shirt movement. Tanks are the way to go!

Sleep sack

You can find dozens of different brands that work great for safely swaddling baby for bedtime. I prefer the easy-to-find, tried-and-true Halo sleep sack. It allows me to swaddle baby’s arms, then transition to one arm, and no arms eventually as baby grows.

Witch Hazel

If you are planning for a vaginal birth, trust me. Wet a pad with water and witch hazel, freeze, and use as needed for your peri area. Thank me later.


Okay…this thing is a little miracle. While baby feeds on one side, the other breast “lets down” and all that liquid gold goes to waste. Well, not anymore! Put this bad boy on the other side (it just suctions over your nipple) and it gently collects all the milky goodness so you waste as little as possible.

Being a new momma is HARD! I totally get it. Above all else, your love is the most important thing that baby could ever want.

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