Choosing outfits for your family photoshoot can be overwhelming. Family photoshoots are a great way to connect with your family, and the photographs bring back that memory and feeling over and over.

That being said, what you all wear will impact the overall experience. Photographs turn out the best when you are confident and comfortable (and the same goes for the rest of the fam!). Follow these tips so you can enhance your family session and LOVE your images.

Consider your location and time of year

What to wear for family photoshoots in Janesville

If you live in a location that can get cold (like Janesville, Wisconsin!) then you need to think about this. You don’t want to freeze. Okay okay…sometimes you may not mind being a little cold if you’re trying to get a dream shot, but I promise you don’t want to be cold the entire time.

Other than that, also consider your location. What you wear in a park or field may differ from what you would wear in a city location. You can also choose outfits that can look nice in either location.

No for matching; yes for complimentary

Colors choices is the most important factor to consider. Unless you are doing a very specific type of photo session, matching outfits is not recommended. It looks overly staged and kinda…well…unnatural. Choose colors that compliment each other.

Family photography at Janesville park

Pairing neutrals and prints

Prints are totally okay. I actually love me a good micro flower print dress. Do keep in mind that you don’t really want to have all different kinds of patters. If you want a pattern/print, have one statement piece (like a beautiful creamy flowery dress for mom) and then have the rest of the family wear outfits that compliment that. Neutrals work perfectly here.

baby at park family photoshoot


If you want to have different looks without having to totally change outfits, wearing layers is the way to go. Sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, and belts can all be easily removed and totally change the entire feel of the family photoshoots in Janesville . It is a super-easy way to get more diversity quickly, and you don’t even have to change outfits!

Teens at park for photoshoot

Pairing earthy tones and neutrals

Earthy tones can be mixed and matched, and so can neutrals. You can also alternate earthy tones and neutrals among the family. It creates a down-to-earth, the cohesive vibe in the photographs.

family at park for photoshoot in Janesville, WI

Wear well fitting, flattering clothes

I cannot stress this enough. You will not feel comfortable and confident in an outfit that does not fit well. Anyone can create bulges if pants are too tight. Pick clothes that fit. Do not pick clothes that hug every curve and curb if it will make you feel self-conscious.

Comment below if you need more help!!

I hope these tips help you pick family outfits for your next photo shoot. I highly encourage every family to have professional family photoshoots in Janesville on a yearly basis. Not only does the experience (with the right photographer!) deepen familial connection, but it also honors your family to have them on display in your home.

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