Digital images are the hot thing in the photography world right now. Many clients THINK they only want the digitals. Although digital photos are a fantastic way to quickly show friends and family your lovely photographs, or to share on social media, it is difficult to really see the value of the photograph in digital form.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been captivated by looking at the photos displayed on their fridge? Your eyes are drawn to the generations of people, to the school pictures, to the hugging siblings. Our eyes and hearts value emotion.

Unfortunately, with digital files, the effect is simply not the same. YES you will feel excited to receive your digitals, and YES they are beautiful. YES it feels so good to have your Facebook friends love and comment on them when you share those photos. And then it happens…the high wares off and after a few days, those photos that you intended to print for your home sit unseen on your hard drive, tucked away in a folder, perhaps popping up on your Facebook memories once a year.

If you do get around to having them printed, you are left with hours of decision making to decide which photos to display, how to lay them out, and where to print them from. After all that time deciding, if you do ever order them, many public printing labs are subpar in the quality of work. It is a crapshoot.

When you choose me as your photographer, my goal is to keep those good feelings alive, day in and day out, by getting high quality, meaningful photographs on those walls, or perhaps in an album to display on your table. Your guests will enter your home and think “Wow! These photos are incredible! I wish I had something like this in my own home!”

Additionally, you are guided the entire time. I will make suggestions about clusters of photos, helping you decide which ones go with other ones. I’ll help you choose sizes that flatter your home, and styles that coincide with your tastes. I will create entire albums laid out in a way that your photographs flow. You will be able to order extra items to gift to your parents of their beautiful grandchildren.

You will have tangible art that your children can look at as they grow. They can feel the love in a home that displays it all around.

Yes, digitals are great in today’s fast paced world. However, they are simply not the best use of your investment. Invest a little deeper and find the real value in not only photography, but the way that your love is captured to be displayed in your home!

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