Those little details…the ones that change ever so quickly are also the ones that are so easily forgotten. Details are so important. It is the curve of their profile and little nose. It is the way their little lips are shaped, and the wrinkles on each hand.

Baby toes by Olivia Acton Photography in Janesville, Wisconsin

These details are the kind that when you look back one year, 10 years, 20 years later, as your browse through your baby’s album again, you will sigh with a soft smile at those fragile little details of your once-upon-a-time baby. Your heart is conflicted with love and longing as your are reminded of a time that was so precious, so fleeting.

Baby hands with parents by Olivia Acton Photography in Janesville, WI

Those little details…the ones that- piece by piece- create this precious human. It is the way the hair curls just right in that baby swirl patter and the mile-long eye lashes. It is the way their tiny hand grasp so perfectly to your finger like it was made to fit just there.

If you have a warm, loving feeling after reading that, then hey! I’m Olivia Acton- owner and photographer of Olivia Acton Photography located in Janesville, Wisconsin. I can help you make this a reality. Each session consists of at least a couple of detail shots. Parents often do not place much importance on details until they see them afterwards, and that is where they fall in love with them! Trusting your photographer’s experience with obtaining certain shots will likely yield results that you didn’t even know you wanted!

Baby toes photograph by Olivia Acton Photography in Janesville, WI
Baby hands photograph by Olivia Acton Photography in Janesville, WI

Olivia Acton Photography is a full service photographer located in Janesville, WI specializing in Newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography.

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