So you just invested in a photoshoot? Awesome! Way to go! Photographs are ALL WE WILL HAVE LEFT of our loved ones (and of ourselves!) as we age and leave this Earth.

  1. Leaving behind memories– Remember all the times you’ve sat down with family and looked at old photographs of your parents, of your grandparents? Remember flipping through old photo albums studying the face of your mom as a baby, comparing to your own baby photographs? THAT IS WHY! Or maybe you did not have the luxury of doing this because your family didn’t value photographs and memories, and you’re feeling like you want to break that cycle!
Why to print your photographs

2. Displaying photographs around your home HONORS your marriage and children– When your family’s love is displayed around your home, it honors the commitment you made to them as either their spouse, or as their parent. It is a way to show that they are LOVED and IMPORTANT. It also reminds families of the love they share, how they felt connected when those photographs were take, and that they are valued to one another.

Why to print your photographs

3. Your photographs will be forgotten if left on your hard drive– You invested in a photoshoot…but for what? I am betting it is to show off your beautiful family, build a connection with your family, capture fleeting moments, document a journey of parenthood, and/or to gift the photographs to close family members. You are finally able to view your photographs and you love them, so you quickly share them on social media and get tons of likes and comments. It makes you feel awesome and proud! Such a wonderful feeling! And then….days go by. Weeks go by. Before you know it, you see your photographs on your Facebook memories a year later and briefly reminisce.

Instead, try to envision this- You wake up to your baby making noise. You go into the nursery, sit in your rocking chair, and rock your baby while feeding. You look around the room that you created for this new life, and see photographs of the wisps of hair that have now thickened so much, of the tiny toes that are now growing daily, of the sweet little face held close to yours as your breathed in your baby’s newborn smell that is now quickly fading. Your heart swells with love for your baby.

Your friend comes over to meet your new addition. They are amazed at the beautiful portraits you have in your home. Maybe they are even slightly envious that they do not have such love displayed around their own home. You sit with a cup of coffee, discussing your experiences with new parenthood with your friend, gazing at the lovely photographs as your conversation progresses.

That is what it is all about! Luckily, Olivia Acton Photography is a full service photographer. That means that when you leave your photoshoot, you will be shown your images in about a week, pick only what you love, and choose how you want it to be displayed and archived! I then take care of everything else! You are guided the entire process on what images to display, where, what size, and you will then receive your high quality artwork and prints ready to go. You will save hours of your precious time, and gain gorgeous memories.

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