There are many reasons to hire a Professional Newborn Photographer. Newborn photography entails much more than meets the eye. Baby safety is so important and does not necessarily come naturally. Babies require deep sleep to achieve some poses safely. A professional should also have an understanding of neck safety, spotting, positioning, and so much more! Aside from safety, hiring a pro newborn photographer can greatly increase your happiness with the photographs and the experience. Let’s look closer at those!

Newborn Safety

As previously stated, newborn safety is a bit different when it applies to the photography world. A well-trained newborn photographer has an understanding of baby reflexes, newborn comfort, temperature considerations, positioning, sleep, and so much more! Personally, I have had four children and have been a Registered Nurse for about ten years! I also have NICU experience as an RN. Being able to handle babies is necessary, however, other qualifications are needed for the newborn photographer! I have attended safety courses and seminars to become well trained in newborn safety during photography sessions!

The Experience

When you hire a Professional Newborn Photographer, you should receive a great experience. Newborn outfits and props are typically readily available meaning you do not have to purchase additional newborn items. Newborn Photographers should have different posers so that a variety of poses is possible for each session. The experience should hopefully include photographs with the baby and parents! This is not something easily achievable when attempting to create your own photographs at home. We also have high quality gear to create quality images.

At Olivia Acton Photography, the experience is created to be as stress-free as possible for each family. Momma is able to have hair and make-up done for the session, and styling is all customized! Once the session is complete, you meet with me for your “reveal and ordering” appointment. This appointment is sure to be emotional! This is where you are able to see your photographs for the first time, and choose the ones you love. This method allows me to ensure quality of work, and decrease the stress of my clients. They do not have to worry about trying to figure out which photographs to hang, what sizes, or how they will look. The normal stressors are taken care of and adds to the experience of a great session!

Quality Artwork

Have you ever attempted a DIY photoshoot? Then you know what I mean when I say that the vision does not always match the outcome! Photographers should understand light, posing, and angles. All of these factors greatly impact a photograph. Additionally, Olivia Acton Photography offers quality and custom artwork in the form of wall art, albums, and more. You receive quality photographs along with the ability to purchase quality artwork. Any form of artwork that is purchased is ordered through a professional lab which ensures the quality and accuracy of each photograph.

Creating Connection

While I cannot guarantee NO stress, I can ensure each family that the photographs will encompass a feeling of connection. The sense of connection is created during the session through posing, prompts, lighting, and more. Ultimately, the goal is to utilize tools to enhance the connectivity in a photograph. Families report feeling a strong bond when they leave their session. They also often comment on the connective experience when they come in for their reveals to see their photographs for the first time.


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