To the session

You want to choose comfort and ease when you are on your way to my Janesville, Wisconsin studio for your newborn session. If you choose a session with parent photographs, hair and make up will be done for Mom. A button up shirt or a zip up sweater is going to provide the easiest solution. Changing your outfit will be a breeze, and you’ll keep your clothes clean. We all know that having a newborn means poop, pee, and spit up. You can change into your photoshoot clothes before your session at the studio!

Stay tuned for Sibling Outfits for Newborn Session in upcoming blog posts!

During the session

You will want to bring a white shirt and black shirt for each family member you intend to have photographs. They can vary in style from more comfy t-shirts to dressy, as long as every family member is on the same page! On the bottom half, just keep it consistent in style. If a more casual approach is desired, darker jeans is totally appropriate. If Mom feels more comfortable wearing yoga pants, go for it. It is likely that Mom will change into a different outfit (or use a long fabric) from my client closet for additional photographs. For this reason, Mom should also bring a nude bodysuit, or bra and underwear set that can be worn if desired.

Birth is no joke! Some Moms feel okay by the time the newborn session comes around, but some Moms need to take it slower and be more careful. Comfort over everything else. Please don’t wear too tight of clothing that will cause you pain, Moms!

After the Session

After your Newborn Session, you’ll want to go back to those comfy clothes! That button up or zip up sweater is going to be your friend! Keep in mind that Moms who are breastfeeding may want to bring extra breast pads to feel dry after the session if leaking occurs. If you had a dress or jeans on during the session, now is a great time to change into yoga pants or leggings that will allow you to have more comfort. As for SO, they can usually wear what they came in wearing.

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